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教学设计人教版 Unit 7 What’s the highest mountain in the world Section B 2a-2c

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导读:   教学设计是根据课程标准的要求和教学对象的特点,将教学诸要素有序安排,确定合适的教学方案的设想和计划。一般包括教学目标、教学重难......

  教学设计是根据课程标准的要求和教学对象的特点,将教学诸要素有序安排,确定合适的教学方案的设想和计划。一般包括教学目标、教学重难点、教学方法、教学步骤与时间分配等环节。烟花美文网www.39394.com 小编今天为大家精心准备了教学设计人教版  Unit 7  What’s the highest mountain in the world Section B 2a-2c,希望对大家有所帮助!

  教学设计人教版 Unit 7 What’s the highest mountain in the world Section B 2a-2c

  Unit 7 What’s the highest mountain in the world?



  2 技能目标:能听懂和谈论有关地理和自然的话题。

  3 情感目标:培养学生热爱大自然,保护环境的意识。


  短语: in size, in the world, 2 meters tall/long/wide, the biggest population, one of the biggest, the most popular question, talk about, the ancient emperors, the main reason, as far as I know, no man-made objects, mountain climbing, the southwestern part of China, thick clouds, cover the top, risk one’s life, challenge oneself, achieve one’s dream,the forest of nature, try to do sth., the spirit of the climbers, many times more than ,live up to, prepare …for.., be awake, be special to sb., spend some time doing sth., in the remaining forest, endangered animals, in the future…


  What’s the highest mountain in the world?


  How long is Qomolangma?

  It’s 8,844.43 meters high. It’s higher than any other mountain.

  Which is the deepest salt lake in the world?

  The Caspian Sea is the deepest of all the salt lake.

  Did you know that China is one of the oldest countries in the world?

  Yes, I did. It’s much older than the US.




  Period 1 Section A 1 1a – 2d

  Period 2 Section A 2 3a-3c

  Period 3 Section A 3 Grammar Focus-4c

  Period 4 Section B 1 1a-2e

  Period 5 Section B 2 3a-Self check

  Section A 1 (1a – 2d)

  Step 1 Presentation

  square n. 平方 meter n. 米 deep adj. 深的

  desert n. 沙漠 population n. 人口 population n. 人口

  Asia n. 亚洲 tour v. n. 旅行 tourist n. 旅行者

  wall n. 墙 amazing adj. 令人大为惊奇的

  ancient adj. 古代的 wide adj. 宽的;宽阔和

  Step 2 Warming-up

  1. Watch the photos and talk about them “How big/high/long/big is …?’ and help the students to answer: It’s …meters/kilometers/cm big/high/long/big.

  2. Look these photos and practice the dialogue:

  e.g. A: How high is Qomolangma?

  B: It’s 8,844 meters high.

  Step 3 1a Match the facts you know.

  Practice in pairs using the information in 1a.

  Qomolangma about 9,600,000 square kilometers in size

  The Sahara 1,025 meters deep

  The Caspian Sea 6,671 kilometers long

  The Nile 8,844.43 meters high

  Step 4 Explaination

  …8,844 meters high. 8,844米高

  … meters high (long, wide…)



  e.g. The wall is 1.7 metres wide.

  Step 5 Listening 新课 标 第 一 网

  1. 1b Listen and complete the sentences.

  1) Qomolangma is ______ than any other mountain in the world.

  2) The Sahara is ____________ desert in the world.

  3) The Caspian Sea is ____________ of all the salt lakes.

  4) The Nile is _________ river in the world.

  2. 2a Listen and number the facts(1- 4) in the order you hear them.

  2b Listen again and fill in the blanks in 2a with the numbers in the box.

  6,300 5,000 5,464 300

  ___ The Yangtze River is about ____ kilometers long and the Yellow River is ___ kilometers long.

  ___ China has the biggest population in the world. It’s a lot bigger than the population of the US.

  ___ China is over ___ years old. It has a much longer history than the US. The US is not even ___ years old.

  ___ China is almost as big as the US, but it is the biggest country in Asia.

  Step 6 Practice

  1c Make conversations in pairs.


  A: Did you know that China if one of the oldest countries in the world?

  B: Yes, I did. It’s much older than my country.

  Step 7 2d Read the conversation and answer the questions:

  1) Which is the biggest man-made objects in the world?

  2) Which is the most famous part of the Ming Great Wall?

  Step 8 Language points and summary

  1. Fell free to ask me anything on today’s Great Wall tour.


  fell free是英语口语中一个常用表达。若有人让你feel free to do something, 就是让你无需拘束,只管按照自己的意愿去做某事。

  e.g. A: Can I use your bathroom? 我可以用一下你的卫生间吗?

  B: Yes, feel free. 可以,请随意。

  2. As far as I know, there are no man-made objects as big as this.


  as far as I know是一个固定的表达方式,还可以说so far as I know, 意思是“据我所知”。

  e.g. As far as I know, Jack’s got twin sisters.


  They’re not coming today, so far as I know.

  他们今天不来了– 就我所知是这样的。

  Step 9 Homework w W w .x K b 1.c o M

  A: To memorize the important phrases and sentences.

  B: to make some dialogues about asking the size of objects.

  Section A 2 (3a – 3c)

  Step 1 Revision

  Look at the photos. Answer the following questions.

  Which is the highest mountain in the world?

  Which is the longest river in Asia? …

  Step 2 Learn the new words.

  1. achievement n. 成就;成绩

  e.g. We felt a great sense of achievement when we reached the top of the

  mountain. 当我们到达山顶的时候,我们有一种巨大的成就感。

  2. achieve v. 达到;完成;成功

  e.g. He will never achieve anything if he doesn’t work harder.


  3. southwestern adj. 西南的;西南方向的

  e.g. Is this Southwestern Airline? 这是西南航空公司吗?

  4. include v. 包含;包括

  e.g. Her hobbies include swimming and gardening. 她爱好游泳和园艺。

  5. condition n. 条件;状况

  e.g. The piano was in good condition. 这台钢琴状况良好。

  6. take in 吸入;容纳

  e.g. Fish take in oxygen through their gills. 鱼用鳃吸氧气。

  7. succeed v. 实现目标;成功

  e.g. If you try hard you’ll succeed. 你如果努力就会成功。

  常用短语:succeed in doing sth.

  e.g. Police have finally succeeded in solving the mystery. 警察最终成功破解了这个疑案。

  8. challenge v. & n. 挑战;考验

  e.g. The job doesn’t really challenge him. 这项工作不能真正的考验他。

  The new government’s first challenge is the economy.


  9. in the face of 面对(困难、问题等)

  e.g. In the face of difficulties, he’s completely unafraid.


  10. force n. 力;力量

  e.g. The thief took the money from the old man by force.


  Step 3 Pre-Read Talk below questions in pairs.

  What do you know about Qomolangma ?

  Is Qomolangma the most dangerous mountain in the world?

  Step 4 Reading












  Answers: 1. the most dangerous mountain 2. one of the world’s most dangerous sports 3. mountain climbing/climb mountains

  4. the climbers from all over the world 5. run along the southwestern part of China 6. of all the mountains 7. thick clouds 8. more serious difficulties

  9. freezing weather conditions and heavy storms 10. the first people to reach the top of Qomolangma

  3a Read the article and match each paragraph with the main ideas.

  Paragraph 1 spirit of climbers

  Paragraph 2 achievements of climbers

  Paragraph 3 facts and dangers

  According to the passage, fill in the blanks.

  One of the most ___________ sports in the world is mountain _________, and one of the most _________ places to go for this is the Himalayas. These extremely high _______ attract _________ from all over the world. Many people say this is one of the most ________ parts of the world. The Himalayas _______ along the ____________ border of china. Of all the peaks (tops), Qomolangma is the _________ and most _________. It’s _____________ to climb Qomolangma because thick clouds _______ the top of the mountain. Even more serious ___________ include the freezing ___________ conditions and the _______ storms. The first _________ to reach the top of Qomolangma – Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary – did it in 1953. The first Chinese climber __________ the top in 1960, and in 1975, the first __________ did it too.

  Answers: dangerous, climbing, popular, risk, climbers, famous, runs, southwestern, highest, famous, the hardest, cover, difficulties, weather, heavy, people, reached, woman

  Read the article again, and answer the following questions.

  1. What a mountain is Himalayas?

  It’s one of the most popular places for mountain climbing.

  2. Why is it dangerous to climb Qomolangma?

  Because thick clouds cover the top and snow can fall very hard.

  3. When did the first Chinese reach the top of Qomolangma?

  In 1960.

  3b. Read the article again and complete the chart.

  Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2 Paragraph 3

  List tour dangers for climbers. List three achievements List tour comparisons

  thick clouds 1953—Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary were the first to reach the top Most dangerous sport

  snow can fall very hard

  freezing weather


  heavy storms The first Chinese team reached the top in 1960.

  The first woman to succeed was Junko Tabei from Japan in 1975. People can challenge themselves in the face of difficulties.

  Never give up trying to achieve our dream.

  Humans can be stronger than the forces of nature.

  3c Answer the questions using information in the article.

  1. Where are the Himalayas? In the southwestern part of China.

  2. How high is Qomolangma? 8,844.43 meters high.

  3. Why do so many people try to climb this mountain even though it is dangerous?

  Because people want to challenge themselves in the face of difficulties.

  4. What does the spirit of the climbers tell us?

  We should never give up trying to achieve our dreams.

  Step 5 Language points

  1. One of the world’s most dangerous sports is mountain climbing, …

  “one of + the + 形容词的最高级 + 复数名词”,意为“最……之一”。如:

  Miss Wang is one of the most popular teachers in our school.


  2. It is also very hard to take in air as you get near the top.

  It is + adj. + to do sth., it作形式主语放在句首,而把真正的主语放在句尾。常用于此句型的形容词有important, difficult, dangerous, necessary, useful, possible等,用来对to do sth. 进行说明。此句型可以转换成To do sth. is + adj.。

  e.g. It is important to study English well. 学好英语很困难。

  It’s very difficult to climb Qomolangma. 攀登珠穆朗玛峰很难。

  3. Even more serious difficulties include freezing weather conditions and heavy storms.

  difficulty 既可作可数名词也可作不可数名词。作可数名词时通常用复数,表示具体概念,即:各式各样的 “困难,难题,难事”,如:

  He’s having financial difficulties.



  She had great difficulty in understanding him. 她很难理解他说的话。

  4. The spirit of these climbers shows us that we should never give up trying to achieve our dreams.

  give up 意为“放弃”,后面可以接名词、代词或v-ing形式作宾语。

  注意:如果其宾语是名词,那么名词可以放在 give 和 up 之间,也可以放在 up

  之后;如果其宾语是代词,那么代词只能放在 give 和 up 之间。如:

  My uncle wants to give up drinking wine. 我叔叔想戒酒。

  Although English isn’t easy to learn, I won’t give it up.


  5. Why do so many people try to climb this mountain even though it is dangerous?

  even though 用作从属连词,意为“即使;尽管”,相当于even if,引导让步状语从句,一般不与并列连词but连用。如:

  Mr. Wang will come on time even though it rains.


  Step 6 Exercise

  To make sentences using the information in the forms.

  the Nile the Yangtze River the Yellow River

  6,670 6,300 5,500

  The Yellow River is long.

  The Yangtze River is a lot _______ than the Yellow River.

  The Nile is ______________ of all.

  The Yangtze River is not ____ long ____ the Nile.

  = The Yangtze River is not _______ than the Nile.

  Answers: longer, the longest, as as, longer

  Qomolangma Mount Huang Mount Tai

  8,848 1,864 1,545

  Mount Tai is high.

  Mount Huang is a little _______ than Mount Tai.

  Qomolangma is _____________ of all.

  Mount Tai is not ___ high ___ Qomolangma.

  = Mount Tai is not _______ than Qomolangma.

  Answers: higher, the highest, as as, higher

  Singapore Malaysia China

  4,000,000 20,000,000 1300,000,000

  1. The population of Singapore is large.

  2. The population of Malaysia is much ______ than that of Singapore.

  3. The population of China is _________ of all.

  4. The population of Singapore is not _____ large ____ that of China.

  5. The population of Singapore is not _______ than that of China.

  Answers: larger, the largest, as as, larger

  Step 7 Homework

  Retell the article, and then preview the Grammar focus.

  Section A 3 (Grammar focus — 4c)

  Grammar focus

  — What’s the highest mountain in the world?

  — Qomolangma.

  — How high is Qomolangma?

  — It’s 8,844.43 meters high. It’s higher than any other mountain.

  — Which is the deepest salt lake in the world?

  — The Caspian Sea is the deepest of all the salt lakes.

  — Did you know that China is one of the oldest countries in the world?

  — Yes, I did. It’s much older than the US.

  Step 1 Grammar


  1. 规则变化

  1) 一般情况下,单音节或双音节的形容词(或副词)比较级+er , 最高级+est

  如: clever-cleverer-cleverest



  2) 以e结尾的词,比较级+r,最高级+st 即可。 如:

  nice-nicer-nicest cute-cuter-cutest large-larger-largest

  3) 以辅音字母+y结尾的变y为i+er或est。如:



  再如:early, busy, heavy, dirty, lazy也如此。


  pleased-more pleased-the most pleased

  tired-more tired-the most tired

  2. 不规则变化:

  good —better — best well —better — best

  bad-worse - worst

  many / much — more — most

  far — farther —farthest (距离远)

  far — further — furthest (程度深)

  old — elder — eldest (长幼)

  old — older —oldest (年龄)

  Step 2 中考链接

  1. 比较级考点

  ① 比较级修饰问题

  a little, a bit, even, still, much, a lot, far 等可修饰比较级。

  e.g. Tom is a little taller than Jim.

  This book is much more interesting than that one.

  ② 同级比较

  e.g. The weather in Beijing is colder than that in Xi’an.

  Our school is bigger than yours.

  ③ the + 比较级

  e.g. Lucy is the fatter of the two girls.

  ④ “a/an + 比较级” 表示“又一,再一”

  e.g. Lily has a doll, but she wants a bigger one.

  ⑤ 隐性比较(没有than的情况)

  e.g. Who runs faster, Lucy or Lily?

  You’d better come earlier next time.

  He worked hard last term, but he works even harder this term.

  ⑥ 越来越......

  a. 比较级 + and + 比较级

  b. the + 比较级 + 句子,the + 比较级 + 句子

  a. e.g. It’s getting colder and colder.

  The more you exercise, the better you are.

  2. 最高级考点

  说明:形容词的最高级前必须加the; 副词的最高级前省略the。

  ① 范围问题

  e.g. Tom is the tallest student in the class.

  Spring is the best season of the year.

  ② “......之一”问题

  e.g. Beijing is one of the biggest cities in the world.

  ③ “the + 序数词 + 最高级”

  e.g. I think he is the second tallest boy in his class.

  3. 比较级和最高级的转换

  e.g. Tom is the tallest student in the class.

  = Tom is taller than any other student in the class.

  = Tom is taller than all the other students in the class.

  = No other students are taller than Tom.

  2. 同级比较

  ① as + adj./adv. + as

  e.g. She is as thin as Lily.

  He writes as carefully as Linda.

  ② not + as/so + adj./adv. + as

  e.g. Tony didn't run so fast as Carter


  1. Our family has bought a car so we can travel _____ than before.(2008陕西)

  A. most easily B. less easily

  C. easily D. more easily

  2. My father told me a story last night. It is ____ one I’ve ever heard.(2009陕西)

  A. the funniest B. funniest

  C. funnier D. the funnier

  3. The _____ friends you have, the ____ you will be.(2010陕西)

  A. more, happy B. many, happy

  C. more, happier D. many, happier

  4. When he heard a cry for help, he ran out as _______ as he could.(2011陕西)

  A. hardly B. quickly

  C. finally D. slowly

  5. This place is not big enough for Lucy’s birthday party. We should find a _____ one.(2012陕西)

  A. big B. small

  C. bigger D. smaller

  Step3 Writing

  Write five questions using comparisons. Then ask your partner your questions

  Step 4 Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the words in the box.

  big much popular long old high

  1. The Amazon River is one of the _______ rivers in the world. It’s a little _______ than the Yangtze River.

  2. Qomolangma is 8,844.43 meters _____. It’s one of the most ________ places for serious mountain climbers.

  3. No ocean in the world is as _____ as the Pacific Ocean.

  4. Although Japan is _______ than Canada, it is _______ smaller.

  Step 5 Write two comparisons about two topics. Write true facts.

  e.g. Two rivers: the Yangtze River and the Amazon River

  The Yangtze River is almost as long as the Amazon River.

  The Amazon is longer than the Yangtze, but the Yangtze River is the longest river in China.

  Two cities: ___________ and ___________

  1. _______________________________________________________________.

  2. _______________________________________________________________.

  Two animals: ___________ and ___________

  1. ______________________________________________________________.

  2. ______________________________________________________________.

  Step5 Homework

  1. To memorize the important phrases and sentences.

  2. To make some sentences using as … as, ... times … than, less than, more than

  Section B 1 (1a-2e)

  Step 1 New words

  1. weigh v. 称重 2. adult n. 成人 adj. 成年的 3. bamboo n. 竹子

  4. endangered adj. 濒危的 5. research n.&v. 调查;研究

  6. keeper n. 饲养员 7. awake adj. 醒着 8. excitement n. 激动

  9. illness n. 疾病 10. artwork n. 插图 11. wild adj. 野生的

  12. government n. 政府

  Step 2 Discussion

  1. Compare facts about these two animals. Use the language in the box to help you make sentences.

  e.g. This elephant weighs many times more than this panda.

  (200 cm taller/shorter, weigh much more/less, eat much more/less, eat many times more)

  2. Discuss in pairs. Compare the panda and the elephant.

  3. Do 1a.Make more sentences using the information in 1a.

  Step 3 Listening

  1. 1b Listen and check(√) the numbers you hear.

  1c Listen again and complete the sentences.

  2. Practice. Take turns telling your classmates about pandas.

  A: A baby panda can not see.

  B: An adult panda weighs many times more than a baby panda.

  Step 4 Discussion

  Here are some facts about koala, use the information above to make sentences.


  — is 75 cm tall — weighs 10 kilos

  — eats leaves — sleeps 20 hours a day

  Step 5 Reading

  1. Pre-reading

  Talk about panda in your class. Use these words to help you.

  big, bamboo, zoo, popular, cute, black and white,

  Sichuan, famous, endangered, beautiful, forest, protect,

  2. Reading guidance: scanning

  This means moving your eyes quickly down the page to find specific information.

  3. Reading tasks

  1. 2b Scan the article to find out what these numbers mean:

  10, 12, 200, 2000

  2. 2c Scan the article again and write short answers to the questions.

  1. What is Lin Wei’s job?

  2. What do the baby pandas eat for breakfast?

  3. What do adult pandas eat?

  4. Why are pandas endangered?

  5. What is one way of saving pandas?

  Key: 1. A panda keeper.

  2. Milk.

  3. Bamboos.

  4. Less forest for pandas to live.

  5. Teaching children.

  3. 2d Complete the sentences using words and phrases from the passage.

  1. The panda _______ at the Chengdu Research Base are awake very early in the morning to _______ breakfast for the baby pandas.

  2. Adult pandas do not have babies very ____, and some of the babies only live for a short time because of _______.

  3. Another reason for fewer and fewer pandas is because people are cutting down ______ so pandas have fewer places to live.

  4. A special program in Chengdu teaches _______ about why pandas are __________ and how to save them.

  5. The __________ is also helping to save the pandas. It’s __________ more trees to make more homes for the pandas.

  Keys: keepers, prepare, often, illnesses, trees, children, endangered,

  Chinese government, necessary to plant

  2e Discuss what other ways you think children can help to save the pandas.

  Step 6 Language points

  1. At birth, a baby panda is about…

  birth v. 出生 at birth 出生时

  e.g. Man’s nature at birth is good. 人之初,性本善。

  give birth to… 生(孩子);产生

  e.g. My aunt gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday.


  2. A panda can live up to 20 to 30 years.

  up to 到达(数量,程度等);不多于

  e.g. In some area of Africa, children get educated up to 12 years old.


  3. …they run over with excitement and some of them even walk into their friends and fall over!

  run over 跑上前去 over adv.穿越;从……的一边到另一边

  e.g. She ran over to say hello, but I didn’t recognize her.


  walk into (走路时意外)撞上

  e.g. As he was thinking too deeply and not playing attention to where he was going, he walked straight into a tree.


  fall over 摔倒;倒下

  e.g. Don’t run too fast, or you might fall over. 别跑的太快,要不你会摔跤的。

  fall over something 被某物绊倒

  e.g. Tommy fell over the dog and broke his front teeth.


  4. Scientists say there are now fewer than 2,000 pandas living in the remaining forests.

  living in the remaining forests 是一个现在分词短语,用做定语,修饰pandas。

  e.g. the girls singing under the tree 树下唱歌的女孩们

  the women washing clothes by the rive 河边洗衣服的女人们

  Step 7 Summary

  1. …cm taller/shorter

  2. much /even/a little/less +比较级

  3. …times more than ….

  4. Talk about how to protect pandas.

  Step 8 Homework

  Make a list about how to save pandas.

  Section B 2 (3a—Self check)

  Step 1 Summary

  Important phrases:

  feel free, as far as I know, in the face of, even though, at birth, up to, run over, walk into, fall over, or so

  Key sentences:

  What’s the highest mountain in the world?


  How long is Qomolangma?

  It’s 8,844.43 meters high. It’s higher than any other mountain.

  Which is the deepest salt lake in the world?

  The Caspian Sea is the deepest of all the salt lake.

  Did you know that China is one of the oldest countries in the world?

  Yes, I did. It’s much older than the US.

  Important structures:

  1. …cm taller/shorter

  2. much /even/a little/less +比较级

  3. …times more than ….

  4. Talk about how to protect pandas.

  Step 2 Lead in





  Step 3 Writing

  3a Read the following words and phrases about whales. Put them in the correct place in the chart.

  1. Humans catch whales for meat, fat and oil

  2. Eat small fish and other sea life

  3. Jump high out of the water

  4. Rules on whale protection

  5. Huge

  6. Water pollution

  7. Live in the sea

  8. Some kinds have teeth

  9. Learn more about whales

  10. Stop putting rubbish into the sea

  11. Sing songs

  12. Whale parts sold to make things likes candles and soap

  What do they look like? 5 8

  Where do they live? 7

  What do they eat? 2

  What can they do? 3 11

  Why do some of them have to be protected? 1 6 12

  How can we protect them? 4 9 10

  3b Write a paragraph about whales and why they need to be protected. Use the information in 3a. Then make a poster.

  Whales are… They live in… They eat… They can…

  One interesting fact is… Another interesting fact is…

  Some kinds of whales are in danger because…

  We should protect whales from…

  I think people should/shouldn’t…

  Step 4 Self-check

  Read these words then find the rules.






  beautiful--more beautiful--the most beautiful

  careful--more careful--the most careful




  1. Complete the chart.

  Adjectives Comparatives Superlatives

  high higher highest

  dangerous more dangerous the most dangerous

  long longer longest

  popular more popular the most popular

  2. Match verbs and objects. Then add one more object to each list.

  Verbs Objects

  1. reach a. my life, my money,… my health

  2. achieve b. the top of a mountain, the library,…

  the farmhouse

  3. risk c. my dream, success,…the ends

  Answers: 1-b, 2-c, 3-a

  3. Circle the correct word and /or fill in the blank with the correct form of the word in brackets for each sentence.

  1. An elephant weighs (few/many) times more than a dog.

  2. An adult panda can eat (much/a little) more than a cat.

  3. Canada is a (little/lot) less ______________ (crowded) than China.

  4. A tiger is (much/a little) _________ (strong) than a man.

  Answers: 1. many 2. much 3. lot more crowed 4. much stronger

  Step 5 Do some exercise.


  1. The biggest ______ in the world is the Sahara.

  2. The river is too ______ to swim in.

  3. China is one of __________ civilizations (文明) in the world.

  4. The ______ of the fastest animal is 120 kilometers per hour.

  5. -What ______ do you need for your coat?

  -I want a large one.


  1. Jim is very ______. Li Lei is _______ than Jim. (hungry)

  2. Kate’s mooncakes are _______ of all. (nice)

  3. Your box is ______ than mine. But his is _______ of the three. (heavy)

  4. Unit 2 is quite _____. Unit 3 is _____ than Unit 2. It’s __________ in Module


  5. This TV play is _____ than that one. (good)

  6. My mother is very ______. She is _______ in my family. (busy)

  7. Lingling gets to school ______ than the others. (early)

  8. She speaks English _____ in our class. (well)

  9. Lucy jumped quite _____. (far)

  10. I think English is as _________ as Chinese. (important)

  11. This picture is _______________ of the four. (beautiful)

  12. Lucy did _____ than Lily. (bad)


  1. My brother is _____ more outgoing than me.

  A. many B. little C. much

  2. October 12th was one of ______ days in 2005. Shenzhou-VI was launched(发


  A. exciting B. more exciting C. the most exciting

  3. Which city is _____, Beijing, Shanghai or Fuzhou?

  A. beautiful B. the most beautiful C. more beautiful

  4. _____ children there are in a family, _____ their life will be.

  A. The less, the better B. Fewer, richer C . The fewer, the better

  5. Mobile phones are very popular now and they are ______ than before.

  A. cheap B. cheaper C. the cheapest

  6. In our city, it’s _____ in July, but it’s even ___ in August.

  A. hotter, hottest B. hot, hot C. hot, hotter

  7. Jack’s handwriting is as ____ as Mike’s.

  A. good B. better C. best

  8. We can do the work better with ____ money and ______ people.

  A. little, few B. less, fewer C. fewer, less

  9. Jim is the tallest student in our class and Tom is the second ______ one.

  A. tall B. taller C. tallest

  Answers: CCB ABC ABC

  Step 6 Homework

  1. Write a paragraph about how to protect endangered animals, use the useful

  sentences in 3b.

  2. Remember the words, phrases and sentences in this unit.

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